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COVID19: Making America dull-witted & ignorant, but don’t say “stupid”.

By |July 29th, 2020|

COVID19 is yet again another hard-earned lesson in who we are, who we should avoid, and who we could be if only the stain of political bias had not infected so many souls. Where once there were smart, clear-headed, rational individuals relying on common sense, there now stand, sit for the most part as they bang out laughable commentary on social media, those who we must fear are beyond saving. Certainly, they should be beyond our desire to change.

Teddy Ballgame teaches necessary message on sports and politics

By |July 27th, 2020|

Let us then swing forward to the present, where athletes of all manner, all sexes, every race and creed, are speaking out over the systemic racism that existed in the days of Ted Williams, and have never truly receded one iota. They are using their forums, ones they have worked for, to seek positive change in America.

When you’re feeling down, go toss your hat like Mary Tyler Moore

By |January 26th, 2017|

Mary Tyler Moore had a difficult childhood, daughter of an alcoholic Mother, and a Father who was indifferent to the point of treating her as another piece of the furniture. She lost her only son to a tragic accidental shooting. Her first two marriages failed. She was told early in her life she was diabetic. She made no bones about being a recovering alcoholic. Yet in her public life, she was always the picture of grace and professionalism. She never sought pity, nor did she allow it to be part of her persona. She was, by all accounts, simply a joy to work with and a great friend. Ms. Moore never spoke a bad word about anyone in public, certainly not to the point anyone can remember.

LEADERSHIP: It Never Comes Easy

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"Leadership" is often an overused word, and also very often is misunderstood. True leadership means being part of a team, part of something bigger than yourself, and then showing those [...]