Six years.

Hard to believe it’s been six years since babies were murdered at a school at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

And here we are those six years later ,watching as a measure of justice is being exacted on someone who authored another despicable chapter in the deaths of 26 people, 20 of them children.

Alex Jones is everything that is wrong with what the mass media has become in 21st century America. He, his “InfoWars” internet “network”, and the reprehensible people who follow him blindly either as fans or copycats agitators, have to this day forced the families of those killed to relive the massacre every single day.

Jones, of course, is the cretin who for so long held to the “fact” that Sandy Hook was staged. There were no real deaths. There were no real bullets. It was all a “dark State” conspiracy to stir up hate against real patriots, legal gun owners, and those who believe America is being subverted by socialists.

Aided and abetted by other poseurs and provocateurs who have neither an ounce of sympathy nor ability to tell the truth, seeking only to line their pockets with higher ratings and paychecks, Jones created and led a dangerous cabal of haters and those who smiled as they lived off the blood of children.

Six years later, those parents continue to fight against Jones. Their legal fight has helped remove his “programming” for many Internet outlets, and recently led to PayPal refusing to allow Jones to use their service to fund his gory enterprise.

For those parents, the families, everyone connected to Sandy Hook, even those who never once set foot in that town yet are still affected by the slaughter, they should be applauded for refusing to allow the ilk of Jones to live another day without the fear of being plowed under legally and morally.

From the Sunday September 23 2018 edition of “CBS Sunday Morning”.

This is a nexus of the battle over real news and what has become the level of fake news shoveled at the unsuspecting and those either unable or unwilling to hear and repeat the truth. It is the focal point where the fight must continue on a daily basis, to shut down the liars and those who claim to be reporting the news, when in essence they will fabricate anything to make a buck.

When all is said and done, it is up to you, the consumer, the individual, to decide what you will believe and who you will allow to make decisions for you. There has never been a greater time in world history to uncover and discern the facts. Conversely, there has never been a time where we are so inundated with lies.

Choose wisely. Chose smartly.

Don’t be a sucker.