Banning of CNN Reporter: Fascism or Fool’s Gold?

As always, it depends on which outlet you’re reading from and which commentator, some of whom indeed biased, are the ones delivering the news. 

Of course, there really is only one answer to the question. 

Kaitlan Collins being banned from attending a Rose Garden event at the White House because she asked a question neither President Trump nor any of his handlers appreciated.

Let’s make this very clear. 

She was the designated pool reporter, which means banning her is banning other outlets as well. Her line of questioning regarding President Trump and the story about whether or not he allegedly was paying for sex is a solid story with plenty of legs. The manner with which she asked the questions, shouting them out in a room filled with microphones and cameras, is completely proper and within the norm of what happens every day around a Presidential administration dating back to JFK. 

There is absolutely nothing incorrect about what she did or how she did it. 

Indeed, there are a lot more important issues to cover. The Trump Administration and it’s followers sought to bury this story immediately with talk of the new GDP numbers, which are impressive albeit more than a little misleading in certain areas, and the so-called trade deal with the European Union, which is NOT a deal rather a deal to seek ways to make a deal. 

The President, EVERY President, has questions yelled at them every day. They can answer or not answer. That is their choice.

But there is no choice here with regard to this issue. 

The legitimate press can not, and must not, be restricted in their access covering the President and the concerns of the Nation. Certainly, there are high level and classified issues that are kept secret. But in a case such as this, the reaction reeks of fascism. 

The definition of fascism is “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

Break it down and take a breath. President Trump is the properly and legally elected President of the United States. He did not wrest power in a coup or by what we might consider “standard” dictatorial means. He does not have “complete power” as last time I checked we still had a Congress. Often one completely missing a spine, but that’s another story for another time. He is not regimenting all industry or commerce, again going back to that pesky Congress thing. 

He is, however, emphasizing, with much support from his base, that “aggressive nationalism”, and a number of his statements have been taken as racist. I spoke last night with a 29 year old African-American woman who told me that since Trump came into power, she sees a lot more Confederate flags in her neighborhood and has been the victim of more than a few aggressive actions from white people. Again, another story for another time. 

His actions, whether taken by him or a lackey which are still then his, indeed cross a line of having complete power over something that is protected by this document so many people are always so eager to wave in faces. Many times, they get the interpretation completely wrong. Not that it stops them. 

We’ll get to that in a moment. 

Donald Trump’s opinions about a free press are well known. He’s been spouting them since the campaign days, even threatening to file lawsuits against journalists for doing their job. 

But is what we’re seeing now fascism? Or it it yet another example of the general public, Trump haters and the media themselves taking yet another nibble from the daily bait to keep them distracted?

Many of those who see this as fascism point with ease to Nazi Germany and how the process began there. As a study of history will reveal, that might be a severe overreach.

Trump hasn’t been guilty of shutting down newspapers and putting journalists out of work. That’s been far too easy to accomplish by the newspaper industry failing to read the tea leaves years ago about the growth of the Internet, and conglomerates now swopping in to pick over the remains.

Contemptible, yet legal.

Still, history also teaches us about parallels that begin small and grow with time. 

There is only one answer to this question about whether or not what happened here is at the very least a worrying trend of control, at the very worst a sign of agreeable and Governmental approve fascism.

I’ll just leave a copy of that pesky First Amendment right over here. 

Now. Answer the question.