While the initial story has been around for some time, it’s worth noting and taking a look with fresh eyes in light of what certain political and radical factions have sought to turn America into these last few years.
It is a tale of both the spirit of America, and the inspiration of everything that is best about this country.
I noticed the story because of a meme making its way around social media regarding the woman pictured, Shaza al Sharaa. The story uses this photo taken a couple of years ago with another picture showing prepared foods. The family name is misspelled in the meme photo.
One post quoted, “She’s a Syrian refugee who lives here in Dallas and loves to do volunteer work. She also cooked two nights of dinner (over 600 meals) for those who were sheltered at the Dallas convention center”, an obvious reference to the deadly winter storm that descended upon Texas and the need to rally around each other to save lives. A dose of Mother Nature that, as one might sadly expect, brought out the best and worst in people for all to see.
I can find no evidence other than anecdotal that the meals story is factual. That does not mean that it’s false, as a number of these stories are often passed around from first hand knowledge, and it’s also very possible Mrs. al Sharaa doesn’t want the publicity, seeking to just do her job and live with her family. It’s also very possible that she and her family still fear backlash from hate groups.
The meme does not tell her entire story, which I found here in an article from “Time”. While her charitable work is laudable, this is the story that needs to be told.
The al Sharaa’s are Muslim, having escaped to America from Syria, the nation led by the single most brutal dictator in the world today. Over the last 5 years, Muslim hate has accelerated in Conservative political circles to the point where many of them fear more for their life now than they ever did in repressed countries. There is a faction in America, one that has been fed and festered by certain politicans and their followers, that not only sought to, but in many ways unfortunately succeeded, in making every Muslim fear that a next attack on their way of life would come not from without, but from within American borders.
These fires were lit and stoked for no other reason than to find someone to lionize, to create a fear factor over, and to garner votes and financial support from those who shared in an evil way of thinking. To the chagrin of rational and reasonable people, they nailed it. Every Muslim was created to hurt and bring death to America, they reasoned with absolute misinformation certainty, and no Muslim could be trusted. One lawmaker went as far as to double down on his comparison of Muslims to Nazis. That is the message which resonates with this collection of spineless propagandists.
There is, however, hope. There is, at the community level, inspiration from those who come to America chasing the dream that every manner of individual has sought since the first families crossed the Atlantic to reach these shores.
Those whose minds will not be changed. Every Muslim is evil, and every single one of them comes to America seeking to destroy this country.
Of course, in reality, and to those who are not lacking in the common sense any and every God gave to a rock, such ignorance and hate is daily being thwarted not just by lawmakers, but by people such as the Alshaara family.
For they are what America is supposed to be all about. They are the rich backbone of a country where very, very few are actually “from here”. They are the soil from which a better country will grow and prosper long after we are gone.
A mother, a father, and their two children. Trying to make their way in the world, provide a better life for themselves and their family in America.
What could be more American, and more inspirational, than that?