“Always Be Closing”: The Art of Closing the Deal in Life and Business2020-05-31T17:32:41+00:00

The time has come to stop seeking mere “leadership” instruction and nail down the brass tacks of what will make every individual, in their personal and professional life, attain the highest level of success possible.

Always Be Closing. In everything you do, in every instance, look past the moment of beginning every project and convince yourself what will happen at conclusion.

Always be closing the deal form the very first moment. Leave nothing to chance. Have your plan from start to finish. Be prepared to close the deal at every moment.

Over more than 30 years as a CEO, marketing & sales manager, public relations innovator, social media pioneer and Emmy Award winner, Ed Berliner delivers a powerful, meaningful and entertaining program that covers much more ground than “leadership” and “image”. While both are integral parts of success, they merely scratch the surface of what Ed brings to the fore and customizes for every speaking and educational engagement.

  • Be prepared in reading people from the first moment you meet them, and then be able to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses during conversation and negotiation.
  • Learn how COVID-19 has changed the way we will do business for the rest of our lives, everything from what substitutes for the simple handshake to negotiating and closing the deal by viral means.
  • Do your homework in preparing for the “sale”, whether you’re hawking widgets or your own abilities.
  • Understand your own personal level of leadership, and how you can maximize it in ever situation.
  • Recognize how your image is affected by your actions and those you work with, featuring a serious in-depth look into the effects of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social media.
  • Learn from media examples taken from current news events the impact of social media on your reputation and image, how to repair the mistakes, and how even when all seems lost your reputation can be saved.
  • Understand the difference between selling a product and selling yourself. Seek out your strengths and weaknesses, knowing which ones are the difference between success and failure.
  • Stop being so damn serious in a number of situations. Lighten up, but understand when you can bring levity to the situation.

CLOSE THE DEAL from the very first moment. CLOSE THE DEAL with confidence, not arrogance. CLOSE THE DEAL with a level of leadership that fits you, instead of having someone imprint on you their idea of being front of the pack.