3 Random Thoughts: Pulling the plug, Teflon Don, Riding the wave

  • So this was the day where I, at one level, “pulled the plug” on social media. I haven’t stepped away completely, but made the conscious decision to stop a lot of the engagement in posts. First and foremost, the art of respecting opinion is gone. At least for the moment. As I noted to a good friend in making this decision, the posts start out with a concept of thought, but then about 10 entries down, they become nasty and so judgemental. Can’t and won’t do it for awhile. It’s too damn tiring. So, I’m going to originate just about everything at this website and in the podcast syndication. Hey, I love my friends, old and new. I won’t stay completely out of touch. And I have to keep posting good stories about dogs and people. Inspiration. That’s what I’m seeking. Maybe this is the right way to do it, maybe not. We’ll see. Life is all about seeking to be better as a person and in the people you touch. Let the ride continue.
  • The reaction to the NY Times report about Donald Trump not being a “self made man” as he has always claimed was priceless. I grew up in NYC, hung out with a lot of interesting people who also had interesting people in their lives. I remember the time Trump came up in conversation at a bar in the mid 90s. The laughter was contagious. Everybody who was anybody knew he was jobbing the system as were plenty of others with money. Others got away with it, and still do to this day, because they lay low and don’t need to be President for power. They’re also a lot smarter about how they handle publicity. They don’t seek it in the first place. Look what happened to the “Teflon Don”, John Gotti. The guy was a pimp for power, and in the end it brought him down. Honestly, I don’t know if this report will do anything to hurt Trump or his family, and I really don’t care. But I have talked with friends connected to the story, and they say everything in it is solid as concrete. If he’s crooked, go get him. Same as anyone.
  • I think I’ve watched the video of the Brazilian surfer riding the world’s biggest wave about 2 dozen times. That’s the kind of thing that fascinates me. Damn right I would climb on a board and give that a try. Maya Gabiera was almost killed by another wave in that same spot, but she sucked it up and came back for more. These are the type of PEOPLE that grab me and won’t let go. They refuse to bow down and accept life. They ATTACK it. If you haven’t seen it, check out the link and be amazed.