3 Random Thoughts: Mississippi Minions, Hello Hockey, Fast Food Foolery

  • For me, 2018 took a needed turn to the positive Wednesday night with the opening of the NHL season. I’ve been a fan of the Boston Bruins since the early 2000’s when I worked in Boston, hosting a nightly live cable talk show “Sports Pulse”. I got to know the organization, the players, the reporters, and it all culminated in a renewed love of hockey. The Bruins opened their season in Washington against the Stanley Cup champion Capitals, and it meant a 12-pack of Sam Adams IPA and the geek wearing of my Zdeno Chara jersey. It didn’t help, as the Bruins were blown out of the building. No big deal, it’s an 82 game season. Despite being a long time sports journalist, I enjoy turning into a fan. It also allowed me to remember why I have a passion for hockey. More than any other sport, there is a real respect for the game from passionate players, and there are no more dedicated and knowledgeable fans in sports than those of hockey. We’ll talk more about it in weeks to come.
  • So Donald Trump insulted someone else this week? What a shocker. I don’t care who you voted for, but at this stage of his presidency and the steaming daily bovine excrement he spews forth, I’ve decided that what Trump says isn’t really the worst part. At this point, it’s all sideshow. It’s the cheering, rallying, laughing clowns that follow him without question or consideration. What’s truly reprehensible to watch is the morons that cheer as he makes fun of a woman who has absolutely nothing whatsoever to gain by going in front of an international audience to talk about what she considered a sexual assault. Trump has turned the American presidency into a global laughing stock, but he’s done it with help from the intellectually challenged deadheads like those in Mississippi. I wonder how those who have daughters are able to look their kids, not just their wives and mothers, in the face as they cheer on the mocking of a women talking about sexual assault. Despicable.
  • I hate to admit this, but every time I see a Taco Bell commercial, I want one. I have a passion for tacos, so it really makes no sense. Taco Bell is fast food at it’s potential worst. The beef tastes as if it’s been rubbed in sand, the melted cheese has the consistency of old socks, and every single time I’ve swallowed anything from Taco Bell, my digestion system has threatened to rip itself from my body and throw itself into the nearest waste receptacle. But it LOOKS so good, those damn commercials keep trying to fool me into thinking I can’t live without it. Must……..resist………must……..save myself……..