WHO ARE YOU? You are an individual, organization or company in need of a better understanding and direction in how to use specific media to your profitable marketing, sales, programming, public relations, and global or regional delivery advantage.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO OVERCOME THE HURDLES? A dedicated professional who understands and has worked in the digital, broadcast, print, distribution, syndicated and purchasing of every form of media with contacts to cut through the bluster.

WHEN DO YOU NEED HELP? Now. The media world is changing every second. The needs in responding whether it’s a crisis call, a training session for employees that have just been exposed to a social media disaster, your recently produced ads that are on the wrong schedule and need to be pushed out immediately, or the fact you’re an expert that needs to get in front of the network cameras with response to a news story, you need a singular minded professional that wastes no time.

WHERE DOES ALL THIS HAPPEN? The consulting happens in your office or an outside location for privacy, working with your C-Level team exclusively, a portion of your workforce, or the entire company. In person or via remote. With a one of a kind program designed only for you. Around the world or around the block. As needed and as part of a planned event or quick response.

WHY NOT HIRE A MONSTER FIRM WITH OFFICES AROUND THE COUNTRY? Individual service. Guaranteed results. A free consultation up front. A professional who often has more experience than their entire staff combined. A laser focus on ROI and immediate benefits you can see.


WHO IS ED BERLINER? His bio on this page will speak for itself. However, it is fair to say no one knows more about broadcast media, social media, origination, distribution, production, management, financial operation, training, management or coordination of these elements better than the man with more than 30 years of experience. If it’s media, he speaks it. Fluently.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT HIS RESPONSE TO SOLUTIONS? He’s already done the homework and understands how to work every situation. He believes that every meeting and every situation begins with the idea of “Always Be Closing”, which means strike the deal without delay, get the client moving forward, keep the revenue machine working, have a new idea for every presentation.

WHEN CAN HE PROVIDE RESULTS? When do we start? Time wasted is profit and results missed. Ed’s been called upon to have a fully prepared and individualized speaking and training engagement ready to go in 6 days. He’s ready in 2.

WHERE CAN HE TAKE YOUR NEED TO MASTER THE MEDIA? Growing your business in weeks instead of months. Delivering a provable ROI. Getting results when training individuals. Changing the way your team views and uses social media. Creating a more efficient media distribution service. Delivering solid content your social and broadcast media team can use right away.

WHY IS HE BETTER THAN HIRING A MASSIVE FIRM? Personal service. More broadcast, social, print, financial and management media experience than their entire teams. More than 30 years with his feet firmly planted in the newsrooms, design shops, engineering firms, marketing services and pounding the streets for sales. He also answers his voice mail within an hour, his texts within minutes.

A tax-deductible percentage of every contract and agreement is donated in the name of the organization to Ed’s favorite charities or a Regional/National charity of your choice.

Inspiration is all around us. Join Ed in seeking to inspire and help those in need. 

Ed Berliner is your Consultant. Your Trainer. Your Guest Speaker.

(954) 828-2250

Ed Berliner is your Consultant. Your Trainer. Your Guest Speaker.

(954) 828-2250