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You have a story to tell.

We use every form of media to your advantage & tell that story.

  • You have a story to tell. The media is always seeking stories. Your story will be placed in the hands of those who can deliver maximum exposure.

  • Social media integration utilizing customized messaging, video, audio and text is paramount, delivering accountable returns & results.

  • Social media will be at the forefront of your message. We will produce and manage your message on every necessary platform.

  • Your message will be unique to local, regional, national or global media depending on the targeted demographics. We don’t do templates or cookie-cutter.

  • Content is King. Every single time. We produce & manage winning content for every platform.

  • There is no dependence on press releases. Personal contact with media is the difference.

  • Ed Berliner is your media lobbyist, speaking the media language on every platform. Social. Digital. Internet Television. Radio. Print.

  • Ed Berliner works only with legitimate media outlets, ensuring you, your message and your organization are never connected to any media outlet that would harm your reputation and your bottom line.

  • “Crisis Communications” is a misnomer. When properly prepared, there is no crisis. Being proactive is better than being reactive. 

  • Ed Berliner offers an unmatched level of media training, getting you in front of the proper media, and then vigorously protecting your brand.


Deliver Your Message & Brand to the Correct Media.

“Media Strategy” is the direct line for your message to the proper media source. You have a story to tell. Local, National and Global media are looking for stories to tell. The key is to get your story into the hands of the right individual and the right platform. Decades of media experience, personal relationships, and a calculating strategy make it all work.

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Protect Your Brand. Have a Strategy. Use the Media.

Don’t wait for the phone call or the email looking for comment. Don’t wait for a crisis. Have a plan in place. Have your entire team ready with intelligence training. Improve every facet of your corporate culture by instilling loyalty, leadership, and understanding how to make the media work for YOU.

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“The Undefeated Image”: Personal & Corporate Branding Series

  • The only training that uses current broadcast news & social media teaching Leadership.
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“Ed Berliner’s presentation was powerful, energetic and personal – which led to a session that everyone in the organization could utilize to enhance their personal brand. His experience on the subject was on full display – story-telling, real world examples and years of knowledge in the field were the perfect mix to keep the audience entertained and engaged. Ed was and is a joy to work with and the consummate professional. Any organization that he shares his talent with will be better for having gone through the experience. We’re true believers!”
Richard Kelly, Executive Vice-President of Brand Advancement and Chapter Operations of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida
“Ed Berliner is more than an expert, he’s an experience. His fast-paced, quick-witted, and honest look at the importance of building your brand makes every CEO think twice about how critical it is to position yourself well in your market. His experience and delivery transfixed and challenged a conference room packed with global corporate CEO’s, no mean feat. Ed uses three decades of experience in one of America’s fiercest industries to give CEO’s the guidance they need to become the authority in their field. A must-see presentation.”
Bob Press, Executive Director, TCA Global Fund Managing Group
“In helping to build the next generation of leaders, we could have picked no one better than Ed Berliner to work with and speak to the young ladies competing in the “Miss Florida” pageant and their parents. Ed’s direct yet sensitive manner in approaching how our competitors need to work on a positive image will no doubt resonate with them over their lifetimes and help fashion the next generation of leaders”.
Grant Gravitt, Executive Producer, Miss Florida USA Pageant & Miss Teen Florida USA
“After his presentation to our students, young and adult, I wouldn’t trust instructing the future leaders of the broadcasting industry to anyone but Ed Berliner. A dynamic performance that had every class captivated and wanting more. There is no doubt he has turned a group of dreamers into a passionate band of people devoted to their craft who understand how their image will turn them into leaders”.
Larry Podwill, Headmaster, Miami Media School
“Ed’s program was perfect not only for our attorneys but for the entire office. As a major law firm we are always concerned with our image and what is portrayed by our team. Having him return every 2 months as a follow-up has proven to be invaluable”.
Jonathan Cohen, Cohen Barristers, CEO
“Mr. Berliner was the perfect choice for our Embassy and our attached officials across America. His insight into the American media corps and direction in promoting our National message changed how we approach our media appearances here and around the world. A true professional at his craft”.
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In June 1979, I was a really raw and much too young radio reporter who was handed the assignment of covering the Ted Bundy murder trial in Miami. God knows why, but WIOD News Director Chuck Dent saw something in me and handed me that assignment. I had never covered anything like that in my life.

One veteran reporter at the station raised holy Hell at not being assigned. Here I was, an actual teenager, and covering the story of the decade.

Turned out I covered it then for ABC Radio, CBS Radio, Mutual Radio and Associated Press radio. Talk about pressure.

I was there at the Miami Courthouse every day. I sat there both in the gallery and the press room. I heard every word. I listened and learned with every piece of evidence.

I saw the police photos of Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman. I saw in graphic detail their ripped apart bodies. I reported on what I saw. Every single day.

As I sit here right now, I see those pictures. I see the blood. I see how Bundy slaughtered these human beings. It made an impact on me that lasts to this day.

It revealed to me the true horror of what a wanton killer can do.

Now, we have Parkland. Just the latest in a long line of senseless butchery. And we have a debate beginning that I posted earlier tonight. One that believes if everyone saw the end result of such crimes, instead of the scene being sanitized for our protection, we might react differently. We might be so shocked that it would actually force us to decisions, actions, and demands for something to be done before another person of any age is so easily murdered.

At the time of the Bundy trial, I remember being this kid arguing everyone should see those pictures because they were part of the reality of what happened. I was overruled, of course. Too graphic was the answer.

The pictures from Parkland will eventually make their way onto a public platform. The internet ensures that. ANd maybe, just maybe, it's necessary.

Seeing the Chi Omega pictures changed me. It made me confront true evil. It forced me to comes to grips with reality. And they ensured I would always seek to tell the truth, no matter how tough it might be.

In the desire to have serious and substantive conversations about how to solve a serious problem, should we not have everything at our fingertips? Should we not confront evil for everything it is to make a rational decision?

Or, do we still wish to remain protected and uninformed as to the complete reality of what these killers are capable of?

I don't have, nor do I seek to impose an answer on anyone in this case. But I know what I have seen and the impact it made on me.

Perhaps it's time such horrific pictures speak more than a thousand words. Perhaps it's time for them to allow us to understand the reality of what is in our midst.

And what is killing our kids, friends, parents and mentors.
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Fake #internettroll posts on #ParklandSchoolShooting catch @AP and @ABC among others. Shows how every legit press outlet needs to buckle down and always get it right instead of getting it first. https://t.co/27PTN79HWd #standforlegitmedia #suffocatethetrolls

The return of unabashed factual news coverage @LastWeekTonight. Once a week is not enough.

Bravo David Hogg, student at #marjoriestonemandouglas and witness to the #ParklandSchoolShooting for using real power of the media to make a statement, perhaps becoming the driving force behind a movement https://t.co/OHeu6wOhYO #ParklandStrong

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