They are beginning words of questions that will lead to every answer in life. Personally and professionally.

Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Award winning broadcaster & Keynote Speaker Ed Berliner has answers in “The Undefeated Image” Series

Let’s begin with 15,000 reasons why Ed Berliner is perfect for your organization.

Over an award winning broadcasting career, Ed Berliner has interviewed more than 15,000 celebrities, newsmakers, sports stars and legendary individuals, interacting with trend-setters, business leaders, titans of industry, and inspiring people from every walk of life. Each person imparting wisdom, tales of success and failure,  and ideas that influence us personally and professionally.

Ed Berliner brings these experiences and this knowledge to the keynote speaking stage, the workshop environment, and as a corporate culture consultant to businesses and organizations. When he is done, you will see a rise in professional commitment to the personal craft and professional organization from every individual.  You will see a rise achieving greater heights of leadership and engagement. You will watch as your teams exhibit a legendary level of passion for their craft. You will mark record new levels of productivity and customer experience. And you will experience the transformation at every level of team and management as they power forth armed with a new professional and personal passion in their lives.

Working from his core program, “The Undefeated Image”, Ed delivers to your event and organization one of his trademark shows guaranteed to leave every participant seeking answers to those 5 questions, “The 5 W’s”, emerging with a new found sense of Leadership, Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity and Image.

All designed to ensure a memorable educational and entertaining event.

Change your company. Change your organization.

Change the lives of everyone in attendance.

Ed Berliner’s business savvy in sales, marketing, public relations and corporate growth has been honed as part of the management and decision making team at 6 broadcast networks, and leading his own national media production service since the age of 21. The multiple levels of expertise he brings to every organization is unmatched. His use of current events as a teaching tool is unique and powerful. His tenacious style of “questioning everything” after years as a broadcast journalist forces every attendee to challenge themselves in answering those 5 questions.  

Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Then tie them into the 5 core values of every speech and every presentation.

Leadership. Accountability. Responsibility. Integrity. Image.

Ed Berliner challenges every individual to examine their outlook on every one of these values. He then weaves these values into the personal and professional lives of his audience, turning “B”” and “C” level employees into Grade “A” representatives of your corporate image. He turns middle level managers into leaders of integrity, able to command and deliver respect. He will uncover the weak links in every organization and demand they “up their game”. He will bring groups together as never before, forging productive teams that will makes their co-workers better, and make their organizations proud to have them as part of their image.

Now, in every keynote address and every workshop, every question is designed for each specific audience. Every challenge based on the leadership, brand, image and passion from those thousands of interviews and personal experiences.

It’s about potential, passion and productivity. “The Undefeated Image” Series delivers it all.

Just one of 15,000 reasons why Ed Berliner is the choice for those seeking more than a speech.

This is an experience.

“The Undefeated Image” Keynote & Training:  The Core Elements

  • LEADERSHIP is at the core of everything Ed teaches. Every member of your organization will learn how to dig deep and find the leader within them. Management will understand the impact they have on the workplace culture and where they fall short in driving a team to a higher level of productivity. Dig into the “pain points”. Stir it up. Let each individual find her or his own way. 

  • INTEGRITY is what Ed has stood for in more than 30 years as a broadcast journalist and educator. With more than 15,000 interviews under his belt, he brings to life the successes and misses of the legends and near-legends. Every team member will understand the necessity of truth and integrity, and be challenged to have a level of integrity others will be encouraged to follow. 

  • IMAGE is the personal and professional facet Ed improves for every member of every audience. Using video and audio from current news events and stories about how an image can be built and destroyed in seconds, the focus here is on social media and personal engagement at every personal and professional level. Every team member will show an improved grasp of customer experience, a steely eyed focus on the job, and how to craft a consistent image they and their organization will be proud of.

Your Keynote Speaker is ready.
The time for leadership is now. 


“Driving the Conversation”: 1-on-1 On-Camera with Ed Berliner

Ed Berliner is unscripted, revealing more about his keynote speeches and commenting on Leadership & Brand Image in the news.

“Telling it Like it Is”: Berliner’s Blog & Current Events Commentary

2807, 2017

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“Ed Berliner’s presentation was powerful, energetic and personal – which led to a session that everyone in the organization could utilize to enhance their personal brand. His experience on the subject was on full display – story-telling, real world examples and years of knowledge in the field were the perfect mix to keep the audience entertained and engaged. Ed was and is a joy to work with and the consummate professional. Any organization that he shares his talent with will be better for having gone through the experience. We’re true believers!”
Richard Kelly, Executive Vice-President of Brand Advancement and Chapter Operations of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida
“Ed Berliner is more than an expert, he’s an experience. His fast-paced, quick-witted, and honest look at the importance of building your brand makes every CEO think twice about how critical it is to position yourself well in your market. His experience and delivery transfixed and challenged a conference room packed with global corporate CEO’s, no mean feat. Ed uses three decades of experience in one of America’s fiercest industries to give CEO’s the guidance they need to become the authority in their field. A must-see presentation.”
Bob Press, Executive Director, TCA Global Fund Managing Group
“In helping to build the next generation of leaders, we could have picked no one better than Ed Berliner to work with and speak to the young ladies competing in the “Miss Florida” pageant and their parents. Ed’s direct yet sensitive manner in approaching how our competitors need to work on a positive image will no doubt resonate with them over their lifetimes and help fashion the next generation of leaders”.
Grant Gravitt, Executive Producer, Miss Florida USA Pageant & Miss Teen Florida USA
“After his presentation to our students, young and adult, I wouldn’t trust instructing the future leaders of the broadcasting industry to anyone but Ed Berliner. A dynamic performance that had every class captivated and wanting more. There is no doubt he has turned a group of dreamers into a passionate band of people devoted to their craft who understand how their image will turn them into leaders”.
Larry Podwill, Headmaster, Miami Media School

Ed Berliner is ready.
Educate. Entertain. Lead.