Management Leadership Training. Media Training. Consistent Training.

Management Leadership Training: “The Undefeated Image” Series

  • Exclusively designed for your organization. Keynote or on-site team program followed by scheduled interviews & workshops.
  • Consistent training ensures every level remains engaged, higher productivity and a goal of zero turnover.
  • Specializing in offices of 10+ working with every level of management to all-important administration positions.
  • Training designed to assist HR Departments with retention, employee engagement and solving workplace “pain points”

Media Training: “Media Intel” Series

  • A “deep dive” into what makes the media tick, providing exclusive insider details on how every media outlet operates.
  • Every program features a focus on social media, body language, verbal cues, and includes recorded interview sessions.
  • Ed Berliner is available to accompany clients on remote locations and provide 24/7 crisis consultancy.
  • Specializing in working with PR companies and their clients, politicians, lawyers, medical profession, athletes from high school to professional.

Ed Berliner offers 4 distinct programs for your Professional & Personal needs.

The Undefeated Image * The 5 W’s * The Mechanic * Media Intel Training

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Breaking Rule #1 in Live Broadcast News: “The Hot Mic”

I recall vividly the first time I did a live sportscast in studio. The Producer stopped me before I went into the studio, looked me square in the eyes and said, "Remember that your mic [...]

10. RELATABLE: With 30+ years as an active CEO, part of the creative and management team of 6 broadcast networks, he’s a proven business leader with extensive real-world experience. Every appearance relates directly to Ed’s depth and substance.

9.  PERSONABLE & ENGAGING: Ed doesn’t like using a lectern, instead mingling with the audience and always interactive. In line with his once-syndicated program “The Fastest Show in Sports”, every appearance is fast-moving, engaging and entertaining.

8.  UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE: Having built his own business and 6 more, a veteran film and commercial actor as part of the Screen Actors Guild, and using his programs to help raise money for numerous charities, Ed brings a compelling and special perspective.

7.  IMMEDIATE TAKEAWAYS: Every member of the audience, from rookie to CEO, will leave the program with techniques, courage, leadership skills and “world ready” tools that will immediately be applied to personal and professional challenges.

6.  INSPIRATIONAL & HIGH ENERGY: Ed’s enthusiasm is unmatched and boundless, used to inspire audiences and make them think. Those who truly seek to be more than they ever conceived will be energized, inspired and changed forever.

5.  VISUALLY IMPACTFUL: Ed is the only trainer, educator and keynote speaker using video, audio, text and graphics from current news events to punch home every message and make it relevant to what every member of the audience experiences in their personal and professional lives.

4.  LEGENDARY STORIES: With more than 30 years and 15,000 interviews with legendary newsmakers from every walk of life and around the world, Ed is a veteran storyteller who understands how to grab an audience and hold their attention with emotional, gripping and revealing true tales.

3.  NO DRAMA: There is nothing phony about Ed’s manner of teaching, speaking and entertaining. No selling of tee shirts or caps. No diva style requests. He treats everyone as an equal. Professional, accommodating, easy to work with and always approachable after every meeting.

2.  CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS: No two speeches are ever the same. Ed takes time to learn about your organization, your audience, and what exactly you need from his instruction and consultation. He is relevant and on-point every single time.

1.  HIGH IMPACT: No time is wasted as the audience is immersed in a moving and inspiring program. Practical tools for personal and professional improvement are part of every appearance. Ed is dedicated to doing what it takes to make every event a rousing success. 

“Driving the Conversation”: 1-on-1 with Ed Berliner

Management Leadership Training. Media Training.

Noticeable Results. Guaranteed.


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With the season here, I'm now offering "The Undefeated Image" training at a special rate to high school athletic teams, their coaches, teachers and select on campus clubs.

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Testimonials from our Partners

“Ed Berliner’s presentation was powerful, energetic and personal – which led to a session that everyone in the organization could utilize to enhance their personal brand. His experience on the subject was on full display – story-telling, real world examples and years of knowledge in the field were the perfect mix to keep the audience entertained and engaged. Ed was and is a joy to work with and the consummate professional. Any organization that he shares his talent with will be better for having gone through the experience. We’re true believers!”
Richard Kelly, Executive Vice-President of Brand Advancement and Chapter Operations of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida
“Ed Berliner is more than an expert, he’s an experience. His fast-paced, quick-witted, and honest look at the importance of building your brand makes every CEO think twice about how critical it is to position yourself well in your market. His experience and delivery transfixed and challenged a conference room packed with global corporate CEO’s, no mean feat. Ed uses three decades of experience in one of America’s fiercest industries to give CEO’s the guidance they need to become the authority in their field. A must-see presentation.”
Bob Press, Executive Director, TCA Global Fund Managing Group
“In helping to build the next generation of leaders, we could have picked no one better than Ed Berliner to work with and speak to the young ladies competing in the “Miss Florida” pageant and their parents. Ed’s direct yet sensitive manner in approaching how our competitors need to work on a positive image will no doubt resonate with them over their lifetimes and help fashion the next generation of leaders”.
Grant Gravitt, Executive Producer, Miss Florida USA Pageant & Miss Teen Florida USA
“After his presentation to our students, young and adult, I wouldn’t trust instructing the future leaders of the broadcasting industry to anyone but Ed Berliner. A dynamic performance that had every class captivated and wanting more. There is no doubt he has turned a group of dreamers into a passionate band of people devoted to their craft who understand how their image will turn them into leaders”.
Larry Podwill, Headmaster, Miami Media School
“Ed’s program was perfect not only for our attorneys but for the entire office. As a major law firm we are always concerned with our image and what is portrayed by our team. Having him return every 2 months as a follow-up has proven to be invaluable”.
Jonathan Cohen, Cohen Barristers, CEO
“Mr. Berliner was the perfect choice for our Embassy and our attached officials across America. His insight into the American media corps and direction in promoting our National message changed how we approach our media appearances here and around the world. A true professional at his craft”.
Embassy Press & Public Affairs Attache, (Withheld Upon Request)

Ed Berliner is ready. So are You.
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