Ed Berliner: Sports/News Talk Radio Host & Guest


“The Fastest Show in Sports”: Host, Syndicated Long Form Talk Show nicknamed “The Fastest 20 minutes in Sports”

  • The BEST show every year before EVERY Super Bowl is NEVER on the field.

  • NASCAR’s new format: Everyone’s OK with this, right? RIGHT???

  • NHL Ice Time: The real reason behind the Bruins firing of Claude Julien & the Caps last stand


“Speaking of Sports”: Short form commentary dedicated to & in the spirit of Howard Cosell

  • THE NFL, CTE head injuries, and the one critical question few are asking


  • ESPN makes the correct call in changing announcer assignment in Charlottesville


  • The American cancer that is OJ Simpson


  • 4th of July Special: Not ALL athletes are created equal, and that’s a GOOD thing


Guest Appearances

  • “Mile High Sports”, Denver CO: Time to put an end to the Summer Olympics

  • ESPN New Hampshire: The dysfunctional NFL franchise that is the Miami Dolphins

  • “The Keith Sims Show”: The greatest franchise con job in MLB history

  • MONTAGE: “Moments of Mirth” proving not everything in radio has to be serious



  • WTKK, Boston: Gun Control and the Constitution

  • WTKK, Boston: The battle against the Catholic Church for truth