Joy Reid the latest to learn social media lasts FOREVER.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Ghost of Comments Past Joy Reid missed it. So do millions more. As part of any solid media strategy, whether an individual or business, you absolutely must sit back and take a hard look at where you've been, what you've done, and whose corn flakes you've tinkled on. That has never been more [...]

The Social Media Lynching of Greg Schiano

There is no other phrase to properly describe what we have witnessed in the case of Greg Schiano. The man was unquestionably lynched by a rabid mob using nothing more than third hand, unsubstantiated allegations employing the most unstoppable attack mode in our current society. Weaponized social media, in the hands and fingers of the [...]

See the Sweat: RG3 Sacked by Faceless Facebook Taunts

Once upon a time, lo those many centuries ago, there was a TV commercial series featuring some pretty big names in sports and entertainment. The client was an underarm deodorant, and their message to people was clear. "Never let 'em see you sweat" instantly became part of the American lexicon when it came [...]

The Simplest Way to Avoid Being Caught in a Media Hoax

By the time this entry is over, you will perhaps sit back, place hands to chin and think something to the effect "How could I be such a sucker?" Don't worry. You are far from alone. The Internet is a conglomeration of lies, frauds, hoaxes, half-truths, self-serving promotions, bad writers, freaks, geeks, nerds, turds and [...]

Of All People, Alec Baldwin Nails It on Power of Social Media

Seriously. This isn't a joke. Alec Baldwin is one of those people of whom my Grandfather would say "The man has his mouth in motion before his brain is in gear". His recent foray into our media senses proves that beyond the shadow of a doubt. But in a brilliant comeback from his [...]

The Dark Side of Social Media: Rumors & Riots in Philadelphia

Social media has changed life on Earth more than any other form of media in generations. As unchecked as it is, unregulated, and completely open to interpretation limited only by the human imagination, the countless ways of promoting yourself and your message has opened a Pandora's Box of chain reactions that can never be reined [...]

Would You or Should You Dance Your Way Out of a Job?

In a world where anything odd makes instant news and is seen by millions in seconds, the homemade video from one Marina Shifrin provides an interesting discussion on image, reputation, branding and that dreaded "employment" word. Shifrin hated her job at Next Media Animation for a number of reasons, most of them based on what [...]

One Mistake + One Mug Shot = Lifetime of Infamy

When we're young, nothing seems as bad as it truly might be. Show of hands from those in the reading audience who never got into any "serious" trouble when they were young. Sure, there are some of those people out there, but it's the minority. We ALL do stupid things before we're aware of the [...]

Politician Makes Cancer Joke About Opponent With Cancer

There are times when I work with people about their image, reputation and branding where I learn about what they've done in their past, or what they believe is no big deal for their present or future, and have to wonder what planet they've been living on. Being foolish is one thing, but using a [...]