Legit Press vs. Clickbait Media: Don’t be a Sucker

Here's a prime example of what I teach and talk about in every "Media Intel" program, whether it's media training or giving people insider's knowledge on what the media has become in America. There is little more important and worth defending in American than freedom of the press. It remains one of the hallmark reasons [...]

Breaking Rule #1 in Live Broadcast News: “The Hot Mic”

I recall vividly the first time I did a live sportscast in studio. The Producer stopped me before I went into the studio, looked me square in the eyes and said, "Remember that your mic is on at all times. When you step into that studio, it is NEVER off even if we tell you [...]

UPDATED: Comcast Airs Full Frontal Cartoon Bear Nudity. Oops.

Let's revisit and update a broadcast moment where those at fault likely found themselves shrinking from all the attention. One of my biggest pet peeves, when it comes not only to personal and corporate branding but of  the broadcasting profession, is being careless. There is possibly nothing that can destroy a reputation faster than when [...]

Convicted felon Michael Grimm told to shut up and go away. Again. Now.

  THE BAD INTERPRETATION OF "STRONG ARM TACTICS" For an elected official supposedly with the task of serving all the people in a fair and measured manner, NY Representative Micheal Grimm could not have more succinctly shown his disdain for the office and those he served. More often than not, what ruins our image and [...]