ABC News, Brian Ross, and the Necessity of a Media Strategy

The mistake made by Brian Ross and ABC News in their recent reporting on the Michael Flynn case is, in a journalistic sense, unforgivable. It was avoidable, rushed, and casts a long shadow on the entire ABC News effort that will take time and effort to escape.   Mistakes are, of course, a human frailty. [...]

Heather Cox Owes No Apology for Jameis Winston Interview

Whether or not Florida State freshman QB Jameis Winston is completely innocent or was the beneficiary of a police coverup in the case of his being an alleged sexual offender will be debated and talked about forever. Forget there were no charges filed following what appeared to be a complete and exhaustive investigation by authorities [...]

CBS News: Defending “60 Minutes” Brand after Flawed Benghazi Report

In any business, your reputation is paramount. Whether it's excellent food, a quality automobile, exceptional customer service or simply a smile when pouring another cup of coffee, your image makes and breaks your success. And once you lose the trust of the consumer, your colleagues and peers, you might as well consider another line of [...]

“EXCLUSIVE”: #2 Only to “Breaking News” In Overuse & Hyperbole

I've been a broadcast journalist since the time of the dinosaurs, which means I can actually remember seeing and hearing Walter Cronkite deliver the news. In my very first job in radio as a newscaster, a veteran News Director taught me several things right from the outset that I honestly believe are never even broached [...]

Costas Invites & Welcomes Controversy Calling out Redskins Owner

Part of your personal branding is what you want your reputation to be. If you have a solid platform from which to create controversy, and are comfortable accepting the repercussions of your words, then go for it.  All too often I have people suggesting I teach them to never say a single contrary word and [...]

News Knucklehead: Promoting Death With “Breaking Bad” Tweet

This is what happens when the people who used to be solid news reporters are either turned into hucksters for their own shows. I've covered here several times the issue of local newscasts having turned into something much less than actual news and much more about hyping happy talk, self-serving promotions and, of course, ratings. [...]

Ed Berliner “On Location”: The Reality Behind “Breakling News”


Kanye West Needs Diaper Change after Kimmel Satirical Jab

The first rule of thumb for anyone determined to achieve a measure of fame or notoriety is to grow a thick skin. A VERY thick skin. Everything you say and do will become public fodder, and when it's done in jest, you must let it slide down your back and right onto the floor. Otherwise [...]

KUTV Takes a Giant Step Backward Turning Anchors into Clowns

The times, they have indeed changed. And it's not for the betterment of the intelligent TV audience. While it isn't anything new that local TV stations promote themselves more for Armani suits, low cut blouses and getting the HD makeup just right, what I've seen here from KUTV in Utah sets a new standard in [...]

Cenk Uygur: Everything That’s Wrong With Broadcast Media

Part of the Image presentation is a segment on the current state of broadcast media. At times, when asked, I present for clients and guests an in-depth look at the media, why it has taken more than a few turns for the worse, and how it has become in many arenas little more than a [...]