Kathy Griffin: Severed head deserves severed career.

The rule is always a simple one, and far too often ignored. Make a mistake and waste absolutely no time apologizing. Beg forgiveness. Throw yourself on the mercy of personal or public opinion and suffer the consequences because you have no one else to blame for the gaffe. Kathy Griffin gets marks for being one [...]

Pitbull’s Profane & Putrid “Memorial Day” Self-Promotion

Memorial Day is indeed a unique calendar mark here in America. Celebrated by many as the beginning of summer and a reason to gather together with friends and family, it is, at the core, so much more meaningful and for a very different reason than most understand. I begin remembering what a veteran of the [...]

NBC News Affiliate Reveals Blatant Political Partisanship in Greg Gianforte Assault

The job of every legitimate broadcast news organization is to cover the news without favor, prejudice or partisanship. Failing to do so leaves a permanent stain on the organization in question, marking them as less than credible and nothing more than a mouthpiece for a specific way of thinking. Here in America 2017, that thinking [...]

Sean Hannity Should be Fired over Seth Rich Obsession

Once upon a time, FOX News was an organization to be admired. Granted, when they first emerged, FOX was always going to politically lean right and everyone knew it. That's their right as a company, and no one can tell them in which political wind direction they are allowed to follow. However, when it comes [...]

Gen. Michael Flynn: Man of Integrity or Rank Coward?

Let's not pull any punches here, shall we? Former US Army Lt. General Michael Flynn may have once been characterized as a man of honor, a man of integrity, and a man who would do anything for his country and the people who live here, but actions do indeed speak louder than words. At the [...]

The Ariana Grande Concert Bombing: Fight the Festering Internet Evil

It's a difficult time to be writing and talking about things such as leadership, responsibility, integrity and accountability. It's becoming tougher every day to sit here and seek out those presenting a positive image to the world, those who are indeed seeking to make a positive difference in our lives and those around us. Personally, [...]

Don’t Squint. You’ll Miss a Tail of Dogged Courage & Integrity.

Simple graces that reside within us all, and can make a difference to everyone we come in contact with. No matter how many legs they stand upon. For most, and for some unfortunate reason, these graces pass us by without notice. In those cases, we are so much less for not having been touched by [...]

5 Fingers of Reality: Steve Harvey’s Arrogant Double Fail

It may seem trite, but one key word at the core of everything I teach....leadership, image, integrity, responsibility, accountability....is team. There is no professional endeavor that thrives without a solid team that is responsible for each other and acts as s single unit. We all rise and fall on those around us, the people that [...]

Congressman Blum Soils Himself with Bad Optics & Petulant Pout

Iowa Congressman Rod Blum has only been a member of the US House of Representatives since 2015, so perhaps some would give him a break for his actions captured on camera May 9, 2017. After all, we shouldn't be forced to assume a 62 year old man would be able to comprehend the concept of [...]

Paul Ryan Apparently OK with Being Told to Go F*** Himself

A picture, as we are told, is worth a thousand words. When it comes to the misuse, abuse, and sometimes compete idiocy of what is social media, a picture also speaks directly to the often poor decision making process of those involved. It also becomes the constant reminder of why I say in my speaking [...]