CEO Playbook: Would You Hire These People?

This is the "CEO Playbook", and the questions posed here will change the way you create and cultivate your corporate culture. Recent events have led us to a number of examples where those in charge of any business, the CEO, the individual in charge, should be asking themselves a simple question. In light of what [...]

Colleen Campbell: No Second Chances For Drunken TV “Reporter”

Colleen Campbell always wanted to be famous. Infamous? That's a different story. Hands up from anyone in the audience who imbibes from time to time and hasn't said or done something incredibly stupid while holding hands with Jack, Jose or Johnny. If you're on speaking terms with alcohol, you've been there. Even if it was [...]

UK Attacks Dominate “Top 5 Twits on Twitter”

It has come to the point where I personally have no sympathy for people that can't seem to grasp the sheer idiocy of misusing social media, especially Twitter. Pitbull's embarrassing attempt on Memorial Day was the worst example. Until now. Obviously, it didn't take long at all for another record to be broken by someone [...]

Kathy Griffin Attacks Trump, Blaming Everyone But Herself for Career Implosion

It's not often I am forced to sit back and stare at a computer screen and take more than a few deep breaths. This is what happens when what is on the screen is so stunningly ridiculous, I find myself having to run several checks to ensure it's not a gag. After doing the requisite [...]

Real News Professionals Should Be Embarrassed by “Covfefe” Coverage

Speaking as one who appears before numerous aspiring media professionals, the coverage today of Donald Trump's incomplete tweet is embarrassing and ridiculous. Every morning show spending an inordinate and unnecessary amount of time on what is an absolutely inane "non-story", mostly because they are kissing up to a segment of the audience that wants nothing [...]

A Failure of Integrity: Cheering the Misfortunes of Others

The purpose and core of "The Undefeated Image" training is using whats happening in the news cycle to talk about our image, our integrity, and what we can learn from the mistakes and positive steps of others to improve ourselves. So in light of several news items in the past few days and some identical [...]

Kathy Griffin: Severed head deserves severed career.

The rule is always a simple one, and far too often ignored. Make a mistake and waste absolutely no time apologizing. Beg forgiveness. Throw yourself on the mercy of personal or public opinion and suffer the consequences because you have no one else to blame for the gaffe. Kathy Griffin gets marks for being one [...]

Pitbull’s Insulting “Memorial Day” Self-Promotion

Memorial Day is indeed a unique calendar mark here in America. Celebrated by many as the beginning of summer and a reason to gather together with friends and family, it is, at the core, so much more meaningful and for a very different reason than most understand. I begin remembering what a veteran of the [...]

NBC News Affiliate Reveals Blatant Political Partisanship in Greg Gianforte Assault

The job of every legitimate broadcast news organization is to cover the news without favor, prejudice or partisanship. Failing to do so leaves a permanent stain on the organization in question, marking them as less than credible and nothing more than a mouthpiece for a specific way of thinking. Here in America 2017, that thinking [...]

Should Sean Hannity be Fired over Seth Rich Obsession?

Depending on your political bend, FOX News is either courageous or cowardly. Granted, when they first emerged, FOX was always going to politically lean right and everyone knew it. That's their right as a company, and no one can tell them in which political wind direction they are allowed to follow. However, when it comes [...]