Brady & Bielema: Perfectly shutting down Internet trolls

BREAKING NEWS: Sports Figures Show Humility! Tom Brady, QB for the NFL New England Patriots and Bret Bielema, former Head Coach of the NCAA Arkansas Razorbacks, c'mon down and accept your recognition for dealing out what has unfortunately become a rare instance in global standard and social media. Actually using both platforms the right way. [...]

Joy Reid the latest to learn social media lasts FOREVER.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Ghost of Comments Past Joy Reid missed it. So do millions more. As part of any solid media strategy, whether an individual or business, you absolutely must sit back and take a hard look at where you've been, what you've done, and whose corn flakes you've tinkled on. That has never been more [...]

Top 5 Reasons Every Company Needs a Media Strategy

- You have positive stories that will promote your corporate brand. You have stories to tell that will promote your brand, convince consumers and potential customers you are the right company to do business with, and will increase your revenue base. Every media platform is out there looking for stories that will deliver ratings, clicks, [...]

“Time” Silence Breakers exposes fixable flaw in Human Resources

"Time" Magazine "Silence Breakers" Exposes Deep Corporate Culture Flaw "Time" magazine naming what they term the "Silence Breakers" as their 2017 "Person of the Year" is not merely the next point in a necessary discussion about societal and professional culture.   It should also be the figurative alarm bells going off in Human Resource departments [...]

ABC News, Brian Ross, and the Necessity of a Media Strategy

The mistake made by Brian Ross and ABC News in their recent reporting on the Michael Flynn case is, in a journalistic sense, unforgivable. It was avoidable, rushed, and casts a long shadow on the entire ABC News effort that will take time and effort to escape.   Mistakes are, of course, a human frailty. [...]

The Social Media Lynching of Greg Schiano

There is no other phrase to properly describe what we have witnessed in the case of Greg Schiano. The man was unquestionably lynched by a rabid mob using nothing more than third hand, unsubstantiated allegations employing the most unstoppable attack mode in our current society. Weaponized social media, in the hands and fingers of the [...]

Legit Press vs. Clickbait Media: Don’t be a Sucker

Here's a prime example of what I teach and talk about in every "Media Intel" program, whether it's media training or giving people insider's knowledge on what the media has become in America. There is little more important and worth defending in American than freedom of the press. It remains one of the hallmark reasons [...]

Harvey Weinstein and “The Fear Factor”

THE PAST IS NEVER TRULY BURIED Harvey Weinstein obviously thought it would never apply to him. Too powerful. Too important. Too rich and untouchable. Your past will follow you. Whether you believe it or not. Whether you want it to or not. Whether you believe you deserve it or not. Especially if arrogance and power [...]

Social media & the Las Vegas Murders: Making jokes and passing lies

THE MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY "DON'T BE STUPID". As Emerson, Lake & Palmer sang in their aptly named classic, "Welcome Back my Friends to the Show that Never Ends", little did they know they would be warbling about social media in the 21st Century and it's damaging effects on the reputations of those who [...]

NFL “Take a Knee” Controversy: Pick a side and stand on it

WHICH SIDE OF THE NFL PROTEST CONTROVERSY ARE YOU ON?             The often raucous and divisive debate over NFL players standing or kneeling in silent protest, about what they and many others consider a level of racism that exists in America, has forced everyone to take a side. And in [...]