Harvey Weinstein and “The Fear Factor”

THE PAST IS NEVER TRULY BURIED Harvey Weinstein obviously thought it would never apply to him. Too powerful. Too important. Too rich and untouchable. Your past will follow you. Whether you believe it or not. Whether you want it to or not. Whether you believe you deserve it or not. Especially if arrogance and power [...]

Social media & the Las Vegas Murders: Making jokes and passing lies

THE MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY "DON'T BE STUPID". As Emerson, Lake & Palmer sang in their aptly named classic, "Welcome Back my Friends to the Show that Never Ends", little did they know they would be warbling about social media in the 21st Century and it's damaging effects on the reputations of those who [...]

NFL “Take a Knee” Controversy: Pick a side and stand on it

WHICH SIDE OF THE NFL PROTEST CONTROVERSY ARE YOU ON?             The often raucous and divisive debate over NFL players standing or kneeling in silent protest, about what they and many others consider a level of racism that exists in America, has forced everyone to take a side. And in [...]

NFL Anthem Controversy: Spreading Lies from Internet Trolls

"EVERYTHING WE SEE, HEAR AND WATCH ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE!" "Hey, did you read those two posts about the NFL and how they plan on punishing those players who didn't stand for the National Anthem???" I'll wager you did. I'll also wager some of you reading this reposted one or both, "LIKED" them and [...]

“Like a Rock”: The small moments finding inspiration

SIGN UP HERE FOR EMAIL DELIVERY OF ED BERLINER'S COMMENTARY THE POWER OF MUSIC TO INSPIRE "Like a Rock" to many is nothing more than the background music for a Chevy Trucks commercial. But those who find inspiration in music make it so much more than an advertising anthem.   I admit to wishing I [...]

“Facebook Friends”: Judged by the Company You Keep

Granny Knew Best about Facebook before there was a Facebook. My sainted Granny was a wonderful lady. A feisty Irishwoman who had a beautiful head of red hair until the day she passed. She left us far too early to even conjure the concept of the Internet and what would come to be known as [...]

KB Home CEO Profane Rant: Seriously, what the f***?

MEZGER OPENS MOUTH, INSERTS FOOT, NAILS DOWN AN INTERNET CLASSIC Gather round everyone, as we are once again forced to remind everyone about a few common sense matters, thanks to Jeffrey Mezger, CEO of KB Home. KB Home, for the record, is a Fortune 500 company and at last check was clicking about $2.5B or [...]

Breaking Rule #1 in Live Broadcast News: “The Hot Mic”

I recall vividly the first time I did a live sportscast in studio. The Producer stopped me before I went into the studio, looked me square in the eyes and said, "Remember that your mic is on at all times. When you step into that studio, it is NEVER off even if we tell you [...]

Art Briles “Zero Accountability” earns zero second chance

The Buck must always stop at the top Art Briles was the man in charge of the Baylor football program during a time of numerous where heinous violations of both legal and NCAA law were taking place. Lawsuits have been working their way through the system since his firing with 31 Baylor players accused of [...]

React to Hurricane Harvey is true window to America

Hurricane Harvey & the "real" America The author never knew her words would be used to describe a national disaster such as Hurricane Harvey, but they do indeed fit perfectly. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed [...]